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June 2015
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Being the best in anything is not easy. And what about doing it in 2 short years?  John with us his daily routine, the one thing he does to create focus and how it can help you.

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What core training exercises do you need to improve performance?  What mistakes other olympic contenders made that stiffled progress?  What are exercises that you can do anywhere to boost your fitness? Let silver medalist and the first #1 ranked American in fencing share with you the secrets that led to his success.

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Vegan, Ironman athlete and voted Seattle's #1 personal trainer.  Ben does it all with cerebal palsy. He gives his approach to nutrition that has helped his clients.

Visit OctaneOnlineFitness to hear more about our growing online fitness community.

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CSCS certified, Director of Fitness for Mazlo (www.mazlo.me), dedicated to training everyday people with cutting-edge asynchronous coaching, mobile app technology, and personalized guidance.

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If you want to learn how the world's best become the best then keep reading. Greg Justice is a best-selling author, speaker, and fitness entrepreneur. Greg owns and directs AYC Health & Fitness, Kansas City’s original personal training center, established in 1986. He has worked with professional football, baseball, and soccer players as well as the non-athletes looking to improve their health and fitness. He has been actively involved in the fitness industry for more than three decades as a club manager, owner, personal fitness trainer and coach, and corporate wellness supervisor.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott is one of America’s leading lifestyle experts, helping people to Feel, Look, and Perform at their peak potential. Author of over 200 articles and 10 books on nutrition, fitness, and wellness. He has served as a nutrition educator for a variety of elite-level athletes including professional triathletes, NBA basketball players, and members of the US Ski team, the US Track & Field team, and the US Olympic Training Center. As an athlete himself, Shawn has competed at the elite level in rowing, cycling, and triathlon.

Dr. Talbott’s research is primarily focused on metabolism, weight loss, sports nutrition, and human performance with a particular emphasis on developing interventions to improve “Vigor” – defined as a three-tiered mood state characterized by physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well-being. His work on obesity prevention and vigor improvement have been featured in media outlets around the world, including The Dr. Oz Show and at the White House as part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity.

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Dr. Millhouse is clinical and sport psychologist  appointed by USOC.  He will be sharing with us mental techniques used by athletes to be motivated and execute more effectively to achieve their goals.  Individuals have used Mental Skills to obtain additional success in areas such as job performance, and everyday life.  The psychophysical mental focusing skills have been found to be a valuable part of any stress reduction programs.

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Lisa shares what foods you should be consuming with training.  She also shares the latest research for macronutrient consumption.

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30x National Champion and 16x World Champion in powerlifting speaks about strategies to win the day and long term. Listen in on the practical steps he's take to see success.

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Londin started as from a very unfit childhood and kept this as a part of her as she climbed the professional ranks for NBC. While she won an emmy for NBC she's had her real break through when she started improving her health. Londin shares what is more important than willpower and call move your goals to you. It's a power interview and listen up!

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Ok, maybe you won't get a championship title but Coach MacEachran teaches you exactly what to do to maximize your performance on the bike. He has coached teams to national titles and has competed on a high level as well.



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Elite master’s sprinter and Xero shoes creator Steven speaks about how he improved his training regimen in and out of the weight room. When and when not to barefoot running.Also how you can improve biomechanics, developed more muscle with adding variety in your training.

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Damon, mindset coach, speaks about which habits you should get rid of and which habits to keep. And most importantly how not to make that shift. Go to OctaneOnlineFitness.com to continue the discussion with our free coaching group.

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Go to OctaneOnlineFitness.com to continue the discussion with our free coaching group. This is a limited time offer so go now to OctaneOnlineFitness.com

Physiotherapist, Darragh talks about his holistic approach to getting people out of pain. Former professional therapist for an English rugby team, Darragh is now in private practice helping people with all sorts of conditions.


He talks about requirements for basic strength, bodyweight training, stretches and mobility movements to take you out of pain, specifically back pain.

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IFBB Pro Lenore Gregson shares why your energy levels may be low and how to reverse issues.  She also shares her secrets to keeping her bodyfat low.  Lenore is a stud, enjoy the episode with her.

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John Trey Jewett gives his knowledge on how to crush it in bodybuilding.

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Description: In this episode, you’ll learn 2 strategies that Major League Baseball player turned sport psychologist for the Kansas City Royals, Freddy Sandoval uses to keep his players focused for the long 162 game season baseball season.

Visit octaneathleticperformance.com for more details of fsthechoice.com. To hear more about Freddy.

If you want to join us for our free online community visit: octaneonlinefitness.com

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A piece of software that will help build better rapport with physical therapists, doctors and give clients better results.  This product is called Spark Motion. Creator, Dave Gottfeld, goes through how he has used this tool to communicate with other health professionals about movement.

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John discusses his bodybuilding techniques and ways to gain strength.

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Ryan with deadliftnerd.com shows us how to build core strength with deadlifts. Not only that Ryan talks about many ways light or heavy deadlifts can be beneficial for every and anyone.

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Steve Carmichael run coach and host of RunBuzz podcast details how he gets his runners started and staying motivated with Rate of Perceived Effort and heart-rate training.

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Physical Therapist turned Fitness coach talks about a no BS training program that changed his life and can change yours. Listen to his knowledgable and passionate approach to fitness

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Coming this week is Fit in 42 co-creator, Casey Washack (left) talks about immersion and how Fit in 42 was created.  This was his first audio-only interview.

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Ted personal trainer to celebrities, athletes and ju-jitsu competitor speaks on sleep hygiene.  Steps to increase fat loss, sex drive and healthy hormones.

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Steve Mesler, world champion and gold medalist, speaks on how deal with fear that comes with high level competition such as bobsledding that goes at speeds over 90mph.  His training and mindset led him to drastically increase his speed for the 40m despite gaining 30+ lbs of weight.  He is now performing at a high level on the board of directors for the US Olympic Committee and CEO for Classroom Champions where they connect other Olympians and top performering athletes to high-need youths.

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Brent’s 30minute model has changed many lives along with his unique approaches to training. Listen in as he shares how small steps can lead to massive results.

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Danny, fat loss specialist, shares specific exercises like the assisted split squat, progressed dowel split squat and his hybrid-intermittent fasting model to lead to great fat loss results.   Danny is the owner and founder of Twoguns training systems where he has seen weight loss for his clients.

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Discover how powerlifting methods can be the safest way to lift and increase strength.  Also discover the benefits to improve strength and other sport performance aspects with powerlifting!

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Chris Shares his experience overhauling his fitness.  He shares what worked for him to get started and lose over 50lbs!

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Have you had back pain during training?  Are you concerned about core strength?  Dr. Stuart McGill one of the top experts in the world on back fitness joins us to teach how to keep and get your core strong.

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Hannah talks about how she guides her clients to overcoming fitness one step at a time. Her clients have found large success comes with small steps.

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7x Ironman Athlete and coach Jen Rulon shares the critical areas tri-athletes need to address keep injury away.   She shares the essential strength exercises and how she has seen athletes improve in a short amount of time.

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Ariel experience in training everyone from major league baseball players to elderly clients is on display as she describes ways to avoid overuse injuries. She details the simplest way to avoid them and assessment methods so you know if you are at risk.

Go to fitwebinar.com for live Fitness training with experts Jason Benavides and Ariel Gonzales.  You will discover the fastest and easiest ways to optimize your workouts and avoid nutrition failures.

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Brandon Epstein, founder of EntrepreneurFitness.com, entrepreneurs and other high performers reach peak performance. He works with many high profile clients now and a community as well to achieve this.

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Doug describes the steps and events that transformed his life from being incarcerated to improving his life. He shares how these steps also led to transforming his clients lives.

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The first track and field athlete to medal in the both the summer and winter olympic games. Lauryn Williams details the injuries and obstacles she faced on her rise to the top.  She overcame a 2-year long injury that could not be diagnosed along with many other obstacles. Listen to tactics that will help move you along in your journey too!  She also shares her unique approach to nutrition.

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Owner and Coach Frank Pucher of award winning gym Fitness 121 shares his tactics for successfully coaching his clients and other fitness professionals.  And for you running junkies coach Pucher is also a 2x mid-distance conference champion.

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Chris Poirier of Perform Better speaks about the future of personal trainer and coach education.  To hear more about what is coming next click play

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Powerlifting Coach Mike Tuchscherer discusses powerlifting programs to boost your strength results quickly!

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Terri Reeves shows us how treating your body can be transformational. She has used this mentality to become successful in body building and helping her clients hit their fitness goals

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Geoff Lewis breaks down how the culture of excelling translates to better performance on and off the football field.  A former college football who has dealt with injury discusses how you can create a fitness level for yourself.

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